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When you need to ship your car the last thing you need is to worry.

Car Carrier Group has transported thousands of cars, pickup trucks, vans, ATV’s, Utility vehicles, classic Cars, and even race cars all over the U.S. We transport cars in Open Car Hauling trailers and Enclosed Car Transport trailers for more high-end units.   We move cars from Auctions, Dealerships, Marshalling Yards, Mechanic Ships, and Private homes (door to door).

We have seen it all in over 20 years in the transportation business and have built solid relationships with over 10,000 Private Auto Carrier Companies.  That’s why we call our company a group.

Car Carrier Group transports non-running cars, trucks, vans, and ATV’s from thousands of auctions, tow yards, and Marshalling yards all over the U.S.


Our inoperative vehicle trailers are equipped with heavy duty winches to move your vehicle when it isn’t moving.

Our Carrier partners maintain among the highest insurance levels in the industry.   This helps to know you are covered when you higher Car Carrier Group to move any vehicle for you or your company.  We’ve got you covered.

Call us day or night and we will provide outstanding shipping service that’s unparalleled in the transport industry.  It’s nice to know you can get a responsive person  in a world that forces everyone to voicemail. We care about your business and operate like a small company even though we are not.

This is why our clients continue to trust their shipping to Car Carrier Group.. We care about you and look to cultivate all client relationships for the Long Haul.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Cars

I live on a crowded busy street. How will my car get picked up?  

We pickup cars from thousands of residences nationwide. Many people live in tough areas for trucks to get into. Our drivers are very accommodating. Usually they can get to a busy thoroughfare or shopping center nearby where you can meet the truck. We want you, our drivers, and your car to be safe. Lots of dangerous situations can happen on busy streets so better to be safe than sorry. 

Can I load the car with my belongings and pack it with my moving items?

Usually this is not allowed for a few reasons though it’s ultimately up to the driver. Sometimes the driver will ask for 50-200 more for things added to the car. A general rule of thumb is to have a maximum of 100 LBS in the trunk or on the floorboards in the back seat. Generally nothing should be on the seats or block the windows. Your driver will drive your vehicle on and off the truck and they cannot have the windows blocked. Also, the DOT and homeland Security don’t want people loading their cars because they don’t know what’s in them for security purposes. Car Haulers are doing not have the license to move Household goods, just vehicles. We can push this a little but there are also other issues regarding weight? 

How much weight in things can I add to my car for shipping purposes?  

100LBS is pretty much the limit because the truck and trailer cannot weigh over 80,000 LBS. Truck trailer and load. Otherwise they can get overweight tickets at every weigh station and that can be very costly for Car Haulers.

How many cars do Car Haulers generally carry?

Car Carriers range from 1 car all the way to 12 car haulers. The average are trailers that hold 6-9 cars. That’s what most of them carry however, you may see a lot of 3 and 4 car haulers on the road. They are very popular for shorter trips. 

What kind of Insurance do Car Haulers carry?

Car haulers have two policies. One for Liability and the other to cover Cargo. 100k-500k for Cargo usually and 1 million for liability almost always.. For instance, a 9-car hauler usually has 250k in cargo insurance and 1 million in Liability Insurance. This covers accidents on the road and damaging Cargo.

What is the difference between dispatch time and transit time?

Dispatch time is the amount of time needed to assign your load to a carrier. Generally, it takes 1-4 days to assign most loads to drivers for dispatch however, there are many factors that can delay that. Right now, due to Covid and there being a driver shortage and way more freight that can be handled some lanes can be delayed extra time. In addition, shipments can be delayed due to the lane being not heavily traveled or popular for drivers.

What does deadheading mean?

Many times, a lane is not that busy either on the pickup or delivery side or both. If that happens, drivers may have to drive a bit out of their way to pick up your car. This can result in higher rates and potential delays. Car Carrier Group gets everything moved. With the right budget and some patience, we have solutions for every problem.

What should happen if my car gets damaged? Is there a procedure to handle things?

Car Carrier Group makes certain every Carrier fills out a proof of insurance before we dispatch a load to them. It’s called a certificate of insurance. Once that’s in place we evaluate their DOT record and if they are in good standing we will assign a load to them. If they damage a car we know they are covered. 


Follow this procedure for any damages:
1. Make sure the BOL (bill of lading) has any damages marked off on the BOL immediately before signing at delivery. Don’t worry you should be covered for most things. Call us right away and notify us of any damage. Get pictures and make the driver sign off and acknowledge exactly what was damaged. Usually drivers are amicable about taking responsibility for damage however that’s what insurance is for.


2. After having the driver sign off on any damage on the BOL and you have notified us get 3 estimates for damage.


3. We will notify the Trucking Carrier of any damage and will make sure an adjuster from 
the insurance company comes to handle any issues.


4. Usually your insurance company indemnifies you the insured and then they go after the trucking companies insurance.

Car Carrier Group has a very very low instance of damages. Because we have a lot of experience (over 15 years), we take all of the necessary precautions and have seen it all in this industry. Things do happen on the road and that’s why everyone is covered. We stay with you every step of the way to make sure you’re indemnified if there truly is fault of the carrier. 

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