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When you need to ship an Engine, Generator, Tool Boxes, or anything you can think of that fits on a pallet, Freight Carrier Group has you covered.


At Freight Carrier Group, we pickup soup to nuts for our clients every day.  We can transport loads from both commercial and non- commercial locations. If one of our independent carriers can’t make a shipment happen we can reassign to one of our other carriers. In fact, we have over 30,000 LTL and Partial carriers we use to make your shipment happen.  

We have negotiated rates that allow us to be super competitive and most importantly reliable.

We deal with the nonsense so you don’t have to.  We press hard to get your freight picked up and to you so you have peace of mind.  We also do expedited shipping if you need your freight in a hurry.

We deal with many very difficult pickup locations and do what it takes to as we say, “run the football down the field” for our clients.  In a crowded space like shipping, freight carrier group will be a reliable part of your team day or night, just call us.

We get it moved.


Partial Loads

When you need to pickup a piece of machinery like a fork lift, a scissor lift , a dozen industrial machines, or anything that takes up part or 2/3 of a truck, Car Carrier Group can handle your load.

We pickup partial loads at locations all over the country for our clients.  Sometimes it's metal tubing for a construction project. Or 1000 shingles for a roofing project.  It could be you need 500 Bricks to the job site by tomorrow morning.  If your project needs a truck we will pick up your freight and bring it right to your delivery spot.  We use all sorts of different equipment to get your freight moved.  Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Step Decks, RGN's, and many other types of heavy load capacity trucks to move your partial loads.

Car Carrier Group has thousands of trucks available all over the country to meet your specific shipping requirements.

Need a crane to load your partial load on the truck?  We will get that done.  Call us today to get your loads moved professionally and swiftly. 


One quick call does it all.


Full Truck Load

If you have 72 pallets to move like one of our clients recently needed we came with 3 trucks to get the job done.


If you have a whole movie set that needs to get to where your team is shooting we will have you covered.    Have a construction project and need 10 full truck loads of material from 10 different manufacturer pickups, we do that.  Have a plant in Georgia and customers all over the country that need product yesterday, we can get that done.

One quick call does it all.  Car Carrier Group Full Truck load is fast, efficient, and reasonable.

We push to get things moved for you and your diverse shipping needs!

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