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Project Managers and Construction companies all over the country utilize Car Carrier Group's logistics management to handle their time sensitive shipping needs.


Car Carrier Group picks up building materials all over the country and brings them to job sites on time.   Time is of the essence when workers are waiting on machines and materials.  At Car Carrier Group we are in sync with Project managers all over the country.  


Need 4 truck loads of building materials brought to a job site in Baltimore in the morning but they are in Newark, N.J.  Not a problem.   Have a full truck of steel rods that need to go from the Florida Keys to Texas in 3 days to meet a deadline.  We have you covered.


Time sensitive shipping.  Difficult pickup locations.   Odd pickup times and strict delivery times.   Not a problem.  Car Carrier Group will get the pallets, partial loads, and heavy equipment you need to your jobs sites quickly, efficiently with no excuses. 

We answer our phones day and night and make this part of your job easier.  One quick call does it all when you are counting on us to handle your diverse shipping needs. At Car Carrier Group we always have our hardhats on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Site Shipping Services By Car Carrier Group

I have to pickup a partial load in Newark, NJ and a full truck load in Fayetteville. Everything has to be in Baltimore in the morning.  Can you get this type of work done?

Yes we can.  We have multiple trucks available to pickup at spots all over the country every day and press hard to meet delivery deadlines.

I have a 30000 LB Vacuum truck in Texas that has to get to Alabama.  It doesn't run.  Can you get this type of move done?

Yes.  We move up to 80,000 LBS.  At times these big units don't run.  We use wreckers and cranes to get these jobs picked up and dropped.  We push to get it all moved.

I have 5 truck loads of building materials in 10 different places.  Can you get this moved cheaply for us?

Our logistics team puts together Partial load routes for the most cost effective shipping in the industry.  We don't take the easy way out when it comes to trying to assist with keeping costs down.  We go the extra mile so to speak to save our clients money.  Many times we come under budget and it's a pleasant surprise to get a smaller bill than you planned for originally.

When we are done our project we need to get materials to either the next sites or back to our yards.  Can you get this done?

Of Course! We work directly with project managers to make sure the right things go to the right spots. 

I need to project costs for a project before it begins to get budgets approved.  Can you help with my shipping estimates.

We will work directly with your team to make sure you know your shipping costs before the work is done.  That way your company can plan and stay in budget. 


With Car Carrier Group. One quick call really does it all.

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