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Car Carrier Group is one of the most prolific carriers for Am Generals in the United States.  We transport 200-300 AM General Humvee (H1 & H2) SUV vehicles all over the U.S. every year. Car Carrier Group ships Humvees with 2 doors, 4 doors, running and non running from military bases all over the U.S. every day.


Our drivers have a great deal of expertise in transporting these Humvee Military vehicles at the pleasure of thousands of customers all over the country.  


GovPlanet and Iron Planet as well as Ritchie Brothers Auctions sell thousands of these units a year and every year Car Carrier Group transports more and more of them as a preferred carrier for these auctions and these vehicles. 


AM General Humvee SUV's range from 5000 LBS to over 10000 LBS.  Most of the Humvee Am Generals weigh between 5300 LBS and 7700 LBS.  Many times these vehicles ship without doors and roofs.

Most people that buy a AM General Humvee have us deliver it to their doorstep.


Car Carrier Group provides door to door transport wherever possible.  If you buy it , we will get it to you.  

If it is inoperable we may need you to provide a rollback tow truck to get it off the truck on delivery.  More often that not our drivers will have Heavy duty winches to get these great vehicles off the truck if they don't run.  Car Carrier Group drivers have the experience to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping A Humvee With Car Carrier Group

Many of these Am Generals that are sold at Gov/Planet Auctions or Iron Planet Auctions are without batteries.   How do you handle this? 

Usually the terminals or yards we pickup at  jump start them and they are dead on the truck.  We highly recommend your purchasing a 24 Volt charger as they don't take a 12 volt charger.   Most often they can be jumped at the delivery point and driven right off the truck.

What if I need accessories for my AM General like doors, fenders, Tires, and other parts.  Can you pickup them up for us?

Yes we can.  Most of our clients that buy these units rely on Car Carrier Group to pickup pallets of parts for their newly purchased Am Generals.  Car Carrier Group picks up at all of the military bases these parts are sold every day servicing thousands of happy customers.

The Am General we purchased shows a very high Gross Vehicle Weight.  What is the actual Weight and can your company handle moving that?

Actually these units weigh less than most of the big pickup trucks we transport.  Usually these units are between 5300-7700 LBS.  Car Carrier Group has many different types of transport trailers that can handle the weight of these units.

I bought an Am General and the Marines are telling us we have to get an EUC clearance before it's picked up.  How does this work and will you pick up the unit for us when it's ready?

Most people that purchase an Am General don't realize that there is a process to clear the unit for private citizens use.  The auction you purchase from will handle this procedure for you.  We recommend you push to get things done as advocate for yourself here as they are very busy.  When it's cleared they will notify you and then you will be provided with a document called an item release form.  Please provide that to your salesperson or dispatcher at Car Carrier Group and we will schedule the pickup with the next available driver.   It's not a hard process but can take up to 45 days so we recommend you get on it quickly.  We will get your Am General delivered to you quickly and safely when it's cleared by the military for pickup.

There are so many models available of Am Generals.  Does Car Carrier Group transport all of them or only some of them?

Car Carrier Group transports all models of Am Generals.

Here is a list of most of the styles and there specifications.


Most of the models of Am Generals: We pick up all of the styles that you may purchase even if not on this list.


  • M1045A2HMMWV

  • M1165HMMWV

  • M1123HMMWV

  • M1097A2HMMWV

  • M1165A1HMMWV

  • M1152HMMWV

  • M9998HMMWV


Most of these units come in 2 door and 4 door versions.  The specific auction you purchase from will show you what they come with or without.  Pay attention to the details in your specific auction to make sure you are getting what you want.


Specifications for most Am Generals:


6.5L Diesel Engine, Automatic Transmission w/Park & Overdrive, 4x4, 10,300 lb. GVWR, Soft Top, 2 Door, 37x12.50R16.5 Tires. ***No further demilitarization is required. The Humvee sells with a clean SF97.

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