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Whether you are a classic car enthusiast, classic car dealer, or someone that peddles with fixing up old cars for fun and profit, Car Carrier Group will have you all dialed in with open and enclosed Classic Car Transport.


Car Clubs all over the country use Car Carrier Group to pick up and drop off their stylish Classic Cars at auto shows and auctions every week.  Many of them need round trip service which we provide meeting short time lines for their needs.  We use the best equipment in the business to move your gems around to where you need them to go. Whether it's one or a hundred vehicles, we get your classic vehicles transported to where they need to go.

One Quick Call Does It All! 


One of our classic vehicle dealers finds hidden gems in barns and back woods locations for us to pick up and bring to them for restoration.  Then when they have the vehicles all finished and gorgeous we ship them to their new owners.  Car Carrier Group makes certain their beautiful cars are transported by our Classic Car Transport carriers with the best  Enclosed Car Trailers in the business.  This is white glove service you can count on. 

Whether you're into buying old beetles, 1960 Cadillac Convertibles, 1959 Packards, or 1978 Trans Am hot rods, Car Carrier Group Classic Car Transport has you covered.


Car Carrier Group picks up at locations that have very limited hours of operation and stringent pickup requirements.  Our dispatchers deal directly with the locations and the drivers to make sure everyone is on the same page to get these shipments moved to your business or door quickly and efficiently.  There are a lot of moving parts happening  behind the scenes to make these shipments smooth for you and your business.


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