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10 Car Hauler

(in picture President, Mitchell Levin)

The 10 Car Hauler is one of the most sophisticated trucks to operate in the Car Transporting business.  The Trailer consists of a 7 car Hauler and attached to the truck is a 3 car head rack.  The Truck is a flat top trailer to accommodate a vehicle on top of the truck. Usually these trucks can handle 2 SUV's and the rest vehicles.  There are a lot of very large pickup trucks and SUV's on the market that take up 1.5 to 2 spots on these trailers preventing the driver from getting 9 or 10 units.  These 10 car haulers utilize hydraulics to move decks up, down, forward and back and tilt. They are very sophisticated and take a lot of skill to load and unload.

3/4 Car Hauler

Car Carrier Group transports thousands of vehicles a year and utilizes small nimble 3/4 Car Haulers to do close moves. Usually they move fast because they are not carrying that many vehicles.  They accommodate pickup trucks, cars of all kinds, and we utilize them for our many ATV/UTV/Golf Cart moves for short distances.


Enclosed Car Hauler

Car Carrier Group transports thousands of High Line vehicles such as Lamborghini, Corvette, Ferrari, McClaren, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce as well as Classic Cars in Enclosed Car Haulers. We have a few different types of these trailers that we utilize.  Some of them are double decker inside and have lift gates and others are smaller nimble 2 car hard sided units.  We usually transport Golf Carts in them to prevent wind damage. 

We also move Motorcycles and ATV's in Enclosed Car Haulers. Car Carrier Group even transports Electric bikes in our 2 Car Hardside Enclosed Car Haulers as their decks are flat and can accomodate these units easily.  

Sprinter Vans

Sprinter Vans are nimble and quick, usually dedicated to get more expensive Freight moved. Car Carrier Group recommends these trucks when things are expensive or need to be moved on a timely bases.  99% of the time freight loaded on Sprinter Vans stays in the truck from pick to drop.


RGN Trailers

rgn truck shipping.jpg

RGN Trailers are used for very tall wide or oversize freight.  We use RGN or Lowboy trailers for really heavy Freight as well.  Large construction and Farm Equipment, Mining Equipment or other big heavy loads work well with these types of trailers. They are specialized and more expensive due to their versatility and strength.

Low Profile Flat Beds

Low Profile Flatbeds are a flexible type of trailer we use quote a bit here at Car Carrier Group.  They are versatile and easier to load freight onto. Usually they can handle up to 40,000 LBS.  

low profile flatebed shipping.jpg

Rollback Tow Truck

Car Carrier Group utilizes Rollback Tow Trucks quite frequently to offload non running vehicles. Usually these units have winches on them to help pull small fork lifts, skid steers or non running vehicles off of another truck, onto their deck and then offloaded by the hydraulic bed on the rollback.

rollback tow truck shipping.jpg

These units are almost never used for long haul moves.  We limit them to offloading non running vehicles when needed. Usually 150-250 costing to get something offloaded in most of the country.  

Step Deck with Ramps

step deck with ramps shipping.jpg

Car Carrier Group utilizes these trailers daily all over the country.  Step Decks with Ramps are versatile and can handle up to 40,000 LBS.  They can usually handle freight up to 10’5 in height. The decks can usually handle a multitude of versatile freight as things can be loaded on the upper deck as well as on the larger deck.

Van Lift Gate

van lift gate.jpg

Vans with Lift Gates we utilize whenever general freight needs to be moved.  Usually Vans with lift gates are used to transport Pallets.  This is how the majority of freight (general Merchandise, food, etc) is moved.


Car Carrier Group has negotiated rates with most of the big Carrier Lines and can provide outstanding pricing and usually next day pickup. Freight usually gets picked up and transfers at different terminals.  Recommended “label your freight really well on both sides.”

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