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Car Carrier Group is one of the top transporters for Ritchie Bros Auctions, Gov Planet Auctions, and Iron Planet Auctions.

There are hundreds of Auctions going on around the country selling everything from Military Surplus, Vehicles, Classic Cars, Machinery, Farm Equipment, Overstock Merchandise, you name it and it's sold at auctions.  Car Carrier Group pickups up loads at these Auctions every day all over the Country.
The major auction companies sponsor the sales of thousands of vehicles, equipment, Heavy Machinery and General Merchandise sold at amazing prices to our thousands of clients.
When purchasing anything at Gov Planet Auctions, Iron Planet Auctions or Richie Bros Auctions Call Carrier Group will pick up your products, Merchandise, or Vehicles and we will get it transported to your business or residence.  Car Carrier Group will pickup giant vehicles for you, or a non running beater car.  We pickup Generators of all sizes, Construction Materials, Electronics, Exercise Equipment, Highway signs, lighting equipment, even Ferraris with our High Line Car division.

Gov Planet sells thousands of items every week at locations all over the Country.  Just call Car Carrier Group whenever you purchase anything at one of their auctions.  We pickup at every one of their locations around the country and know most of the terminal managers as well.  Simply call us with your bill of sale and we will get it picked up and on it's way to you.

Ritchie Bros Auctions go on every month all over the U.S. Car Carrier Group is one of their top movers transporting Scissor Lifts, Boom Trucks, Dump Trucks, Backhoes, Fork Lifts, Skid Steers and hundreds of other types of Heavy Equipment used for Farming, Construction and other unique business needs.

Car Carrier Group is one of IronPlanet Auction's top transporters, moving CAT, Komatsu, John Deere, Bobcat, JLF, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Cummins and more.  Excavators of all sizes, Forklifts, Agricultural Equipment, Construction tools, Forestry, Oil and Gas, Attachment and Parts, Mining Equipment, Lift Equipment, Trucks, and even Government Surplus.
Car Carrier Group will pickup whatever you buy.  We have all of the best Trailers to accommodate even the Largest of Equipment moves.

Oversize Heavy Equipment
Car Carrier Group can handle your unique moves getting the necessary permits and the right equipment to haul done quickly and properly.

Every week the following Auctions happen with Iron Planet.  Government Surplus Auction and Equipment and Truck Auction.  Thousands of items are auctioned off.  Our clients buy regularly at these events and we bring whatever they buy, big or small to their yard, businesses, and residences.

Marketplace E is your 24/7 Marketplace to buy now and make an offer on thousands of items we can ship to you.  Whenever you buy anything at one of these events, call us for your shipping and transport.   We know the locations, and chances are we have moved what you have purchased before. 

Reach out to Car Carrier Group when you need anything picked up at any of these Equipment and Government Surplus Auctions and we will handle your transports.

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