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When you need to ship a Pickup Truck, Car Carrier Group has you covered.


Car Carrier Group Transports Pickup Trucks everyday all over the country. Our customers ask us to transport everything from Ford F-150 to Ford F-550 units and everything in between.  We ship Silverados, Titans, Tundras, Colorados, Utility Pickup Trucks, Long Beds, Short Beds, Crew Cabs, 2 door, 4 doors. You name it, we have moved it!

Some customers have modified and custom pickup trucks that have been lifted or have huge tires.  Car Carrier Group will transport your Pickup truck wherever it needs to picked up.  Many of our clients buy pickup trucks from Auctions, Marshalling Yards, Private Residences, Tow Yards, and warehouses.


We ship pickup trucks large and small throughout the United States on a daily basis!


Often times our clients need to move a pickup trucks that don’t run.  Car Carrier Group has many shipping solutions for pickup trucks that are inoperable.  For Non running pickup trucks we bring drivers that are equipped with heavy duty winches.  Some locations have loading docks other locations use fork lifts to load onto our trucks.  If there is no loading assistance and a driver doesn’t have a winch we can for a fee bring a rollback to load the pickup onto our truck.  Many times this is the best option to make things happen and pickup your equipment.

We look forward to helping you transport your pickup truck.

When you need to ship your pickup truck call us at 888-702-7322 and one of our operators will help you handle the logistics of your move. Or you can fill out our instant quote form below and someone will get back to you with a quote as per your specifications. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping A Truck With Car Carrier Group

Can you transport any kind of Truck?

Car Carrier Group Transports Trucks of all kinds and sizes. We move Trucks up to 100,000 LBS Reach out to us for a quote. Usually when Trucks are very large and heavy, we ask for pictures Weight and dimensions, so we have a clear understanding as to what we are moving and what kind of Truck and Equipment we need to bring for your Transport.

Does the Truck need to be running for you to move it?

No.  We do need to know in advance if the Truck is a Non-Runner (Inoperative Truck). Recently we moved a 33,000 LBS Boom Truck and a 48,000 LBS Fire Truck that weren’t running.  Non-Runners that are Heavy require Special Winches and Forklifts/Cranes, Rollbacks, Wreckers to move.  Please go over all the details with your salesrep.

Do you move multiple Trucks at a time?

Yes. Car Carrier Group can handle all your Truck moves.  We have access to thousands of trucks to move your Trucks.  If you have Trucks that are too big to fit on one Truck for Transport, we will bring multiple Trucks to execute your move. Call us with the details for your move today?

What if the Truck we need moved is at a difficult spot to move?

We try our best to accommodate your Truck Transport and your specific shipping requirements.  Call us to discuss your unique move and we will push to get it moved for you.

What if the Truck we are trying to move is super big?

We move Vehicles of all sizes.  If your Truck is over dimension, we will need to pull permits to accommodate the move legally.  Please go over all the details with your sales rep so we can make the move safe and successful.

Do you move Trucks State to State or just in State?

Car Carrier Group transports Trucks either in State or State to State or Long Haul all the way across the Country. 


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