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When you need to ship a classic car or transport an exotic car, Car Carrier Group has the equipment, the experience, and the proper insurance limits to protect your investment. 


Car Carrier Group provides expert Enclosed Auto Shipping Services to collectors, refurbishers, racing teams, and High Line Dealers all over the country.


Whether you are shipping a 4 million dollar Lamborghini, a Bugatti, Lotus, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, a classic car or any other Highline vehicle, Car Carrier Group has the expertise and proper equipment to get the job done flawlessly and delivered without a hitch.


Call us today to set up your Enclosed Auto Shipping: 888-702-7322

Frequently Asked Questions About Enclosed Auto Shipping

My car is an $80,000 Porsche Panamera. Should I ship it Enclosed? What is the difference between Enclosed Auto Shipping and Open Auto Shipping?  

Enclosed Carriers for Enclosed Auto Shipping have much higher insurance limits and your vehicle will be inside of an Enclosed truck as opposed to being outside in the elements. An open trailer has the cars exposed to the elements but an Enclosed Trailer is completely covered and protected from the elements and any road conditions that may exist.

If you want to have your vehicle completely protected from the elements Enclosed Auto
Shipping is the way to go. It’s a premium service and will cost more than using an open carrier however, your investment will be completely covered physically and Insurance wise as well.

Do Enclosed Carriers have a larger insurance policy to protect my expensive car?

Yes. Our Enclosed Car Transporters have much more insurance because they transport much more expensive vehicles. We transported a $4 million-dollar Car one time and it was not only a very high premium to ship it but the Insurance fully covered the unit in case it was damaged. It arrived safely for our Client and they were very happy.

Do Enclosed Carriers carry as many cars as Open Car Carriers?  

Not usually. We have many different types of Enclosed Car Hauler Trailers. 1 Car, 2, Car, 3
Car, 5 Car and 7 Car usually.

What are the insurance limits on Enclosed Car Haulers?

Usually depending on how many vehicles they carry determines the baseline of insurance the Enclosed Car Hauler will carry. 2 million Liability and 500K Cargo is the average to cover the loads. Car Carrier Group has additional Liability and Cargo Insurance available for a premium to protect our client’s precious cargo. We safely move High Line Cars Nationwide. Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Classic Cars, Tesla, Race Cars, you name it, we have Carried it safely for our very discerning clientele.
We even recently moved a 500K Cano Experimental Electric Van.


We do what it takes at Car Carrier Group Enclosed division to move your Classic vehicles or High line vehicles safely Nationwide. Our fleet consists of the best Enclosed Car Hauler Trailers in the industry. When it comes to moving expensive units Nationwide, Car Carrier Group has the experience to make your move smooth and with less anxiety. One Quick Call Does it all. Call Car Carrier Group to schedule your Enclosed Auto Shipment today. You will be very glad you did.

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