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You bought 2 pallets of backpacks, boots, and a treadmill which is also on a pallet at a military auction.  Now what?  You have to get these pallets to your yard, residence, store or business.


You are in the right place to get this done.  Car Carrier Group transports from all GovPlanet, Ritchie Bros, and Military Auction locations across the country.  We pickup at military bases, marshalling yards, warehouses, and marine outposts in the middle of nowhere.  We deliver all over the country every day of the week.   If you have a business with a loading dock or offloading capability with a pallet jack or forklift great.  We can deliver to you easily.

What if I need the pallets brought to a residence and I don't have a forklift or pallet jack you ask?   Not a problem!  We deliver to residences all over the country as well. 


Thousands of commercial businesses and auction buyers lean on Car Carrier Group to pick up thousands of different items like AM General Humvees, generators, engines, machines, miscellaneous merchandise, tires, electrical equipment, and pretty much anything else the military is offloading at auction every day.

Car Carrier Group picks up at locations that have very limited hours of operation and stringent pickup requirements.  Our dispatchers deal directly with the locations and the drivers to make sure everyone is on the same page to get these shipments moved to your business or door quickly and efficiently.  There are a lot of moving parts happening  behind the scenes to make these shipments smooth for you and your business.


One quick call does it all.  


We handle all of the nonsense and push very hard to get results.   Our clients keep coming back because they know we are serious about getting the job done for them every time.

Car Carrier Group is a very unique company with a wide array of services that very few companies can match.  Shipping cars, freight, and heavy equipment gives our clients the flexibility to just call us for any of their shipping needs.

Need a 64,000 LBS Excavator picked up and brought to your yard.  Not a problem.  We do this every week for construction companies and businesses that need heavy equipment competently moved.  A lot can go wrong moving very heavy and big equipment.


Car Carrier Group has over 15 years of expertise in moving large farm and construction equipment so you won't have to worry about who you've hired to get the job done.  We have thousands of heavy haul carrier partners that move it all with the best equipment and insurance limits in the business. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Military Auction Surplus Shipping

I bought a pallet and I have to have it picked up.  What's the process?

One quick call does it all. Call us and we will ask a few quick questions about your shipment.  If paperwork is needed for pickup we will provide you an email to send it to so we can provide to our driver for pickup.

What if I have multiple pallets to pickup?

Not a problem.  We can pickup as many as you need picked up.
If you have a lot of pallets we can bring a dedicated truck or trucks to pick them up wherever they are.

Does the location have to be a commercial spot for delivery?  

No.  We deliver to thousands of people that need a residential delivery.  There will be a small added charge for residential delivery and we will also provide lift-gate service. 

What if I don't know the dimensions or weight of the pallets being picked up?

Not a problem.  We will get that for you from the pickup location. 

What if the pickup location has limited hours?

Many of our pickup spots have limited times for pickups.  Some of them are only 1 day. a week by appointment only and for only a few hours.  We have many military bases that have these limitations.  We will work around them and get your shipment picked up within the necessary time frames.

I bought a very big truck and need it picked up.  It doesn't run. Can you handle this?

Yes.  We pickup non running vehicles every day.  It does cost more as our carriers that can handle these vehicles have more sophisticated equipment to move them, but we can get it done.  Recently we picked up a non running F550, an F450 and an E350 Box Truck.  All not running.  Many times a fork lift is required to have a vehicle loaded or a roll back is used to winch it on.  We have solutions to problems that may arise. We try to partner with our clients and our vendors and pickup locations to make things work.  In the end Car Carrier Group gets it all moved.

I bought items in 3 different military auctions at 3 different pickup locations.  Can you handle these moves?

Yes.  We pickup at thousands of different spots for our clients.  Cars, Freight, and Heavy equipment wherever it is to wherever it's going.

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