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Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) Shipping

Car Carrier Group transports LMTVs All over the United States. We ship LMTVs of all different sizes and weights wherever you need them to go.


Car Carrier Group Utilizes Specialized trailers to handle the LMTVs heavy weight. 

LMTV’s average around 19,000 LBS, however they can be as heavy as 35,000 LBS.


No matter where your LMTV is,  Car Carrier Group will get it to you safely, and quickly.


GovPlanet and Iron Planet as well as Ritchie Brothers Auctions sell thousands of these units a year. Every week Car Carrier Group transports them as a preferred carrier for these auctions and these specific vehicles. 


If it is inoperable we may need you to provide a rollback tow truck to get it off the truck on delivery.  More often than not our drivers will have Heavy duty winches to get these great vehicles off the truck if they don't run.  Car Carrier Group drivers have the experience to assist.


Car Carrier Group provides door to door transport wherever possible.  If you buy it , we will get it to you. 


One quick call does it all.  Car Carrier Group has your shipping solutions available for whatever your shipping needs are.


Call us for a quote to schedule your LMTV shipping today or fill out the form below:

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