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Car Carrier Group is acutely aware that when you buy something that needs shipping that you want the piece of mind knowing it's covered in case anything happens to that cargo.

Accidents happen.  Theft happens.  Insurance lapses with trucks happen.  Whatever can happen, does happen.  That's why Car Carrier Group carries a contingent Cargo Insurance policy that goes up to $150,000.  This added coverage is there for you, our customers, to show you we mean business and we stand behind your Cargo and Freight.

99.9% of the time things go well with our shipments.  We do the leg work ahead of time so there aren't problems that ensue.   When things do go wrong we are there right away to handle claims, adjusters, etc.

These are very very rare instances.  But when things did go wrong we always came through for our clients.  To us, you and your freight are our main focus.  We enjoy doing good work and have thousands of clients and repeat clients because of how we handle things. 

What we do at Car Carrier Group to set us apart from our competitors making us the clear choice to handle your transports.

At Car Carrier Group every load is an opportunity to earn your business.   Every carrier is vetted.  We evaluate their DOT record.  We confirm your Carrier is in good standing with the FMCSA Safer Department of Transportation making sure their company has the "Authority" to Transport and is in good standing to do so.


We scrutinize all Carrier Insurance documents before they are allowed to carry for Car Carrier Group.  We make certain their numbers make sense and they have the proper limits to cover your cargo.  We make certain your carrier will have the necessary Liability Coverage of at least $1,000.000 and a separate Cargo Policy covering the load they are moving.  Usually the Cargo ranges from $100,000 to $500,000 USD. 

We also partner with our pickups and drop offs and have them gather details from the drivers such as copies of drivers licenses, names, truck and insurance details, and phone numbers to make certain the freight is getting picked up by who it was assigned to.  This has helped us to catch bad actors and fraudulent Carriers.  We want you to know we have your back as your Freight and Cargo are our highest priority.

The Unknown

Things happen on the roadways.  Sometimes things that aren't so pretty.  We have partnered with our Insurance company to mitigate those risks so you have the piece of mind to partner with a company that does good work, cares about you, your business, and your cargo.

Call Car Carrier Group to discuss the insurance process and how it relates to your shipment(s).

Car Carrier Group...We are your reliable shipping partner.

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