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If you need to transport a Forklift or Scissor Lift a short or long distance, Car Carrier Group has the shipping solution for you.


Car Carrier Group Transports Forklifts of all shapes and sizes all over the United States.

Our customers often need to transport Forklifts or Scissor Lifts they purchased at Auctions or need them picked up from Marshalling yards and construction sites daily.  We pickup Forklifts that are used on a job site and then are needed to be picked up and brought back to a warehouse or yard.

We ship forklifts, scissor lifts & all other kinds of heavy equipment throughout the United States on a daily basis!


At Car Carrier Group we go the extra mile to accommodate your specific Shipping requirements.

We utilize all types of trailers to transport your Forklift or Scissor Lift from A to B.  Our diverse array of trucks includes smaller hotshot trailers and flatbeds.  For larger units we use Low Profile Flatbeds, RGN’s, Lowboys and Step decks.  Most of our drivers have ramps and many of our drivers have winches to handle non-runners.  Rollbacks and cranes and loading docks are all utilized in our endeavor to pick up and deliver your Forklift.

When you need to ship your Forklift call us at 888-702-7322.  Or you can fill out our instant quote form below and someone will get back to you with a quote as per your specifications. 

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