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Car Carrier Group ships tires every day. We pick up tires at lots, warehouses, auctions, yards, and distributors all over the country.


Whether you need to move Truck Tires, Giant Tires for Farm Equipment, Military Tires for your Humvee, or you may have got a deal on 17 Pallets of Truck Tires like one of our recent clients at an auction, Car Carrier Group is the tire shipping solution for you.


We ship pallets of tires with our many LTL Shipping partners and partial load carriers. Some tire shipments are loose and fill up vans, other shipments are on pallets. Any way they are arranged, Car Carrier Group will get your tires moved.

We ship to private locations (residents) and commercial locations (with loading docks and forklifts or pallet jacks for off loading).


If you need a lift gate at pickup or delivery, no problem. Car Carrier Group will handle it. We provide standard shipping and expedited shipping when you need your tires moved. Please provide your sales rep whatever details are needed and we will push to make it happen. Car Carrier Group will get your tires moved quickly, safely, and to where you need them to go.


We also pickup at limited Access pickups and drop off at limited Access spots as well if needed.

One quick call does it all. Call Car Carrier Group today to set up your tire shipment.


We are available day or night to get your tire shipment picked up ASAP.

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