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Need to relocate your offices or warehouse with all of your equipment and boxes?

Car Carrier Group relocates warehouses and offices all over the U.S.  Our rent-a flatbed program and rent a van program assists project managers pulling their hair out about their moves and provides much needed calm to what may seem stressful moves.

Car Carrier Group will stage vans, Flatbeds, etc at your location to load and go.  We have flat rate pricing to assist in your move, whatever you need moved.  

What is Flatbed or Van Staging?  

Car Carrier Group will provide a flatbed or van for use all day for as long as you need it. You load the truck our drivers will move it. Whatever needs to be moved, however many trucks you need to handle your shipments

Put your mind at ease as Car Carrier Group will come to your rescue.  

Depending on how far your office or warehouse needs to move one of our relocation specialists will go over in detail what you need done and provide the most cost effective strategy that will be needed to make your move.


Car Carrier Group will go over logistics, how many trucks will be needed, what kinds of trucks will be needed, and provide reasonable solutions that are quick and efficient to handle your moves.  Let's face it, moving can be costly if not done properly.  Car Carrier Group will provide the answers and solutions needed to get your transports done efficiently.

Fill out a quote submission form and put in the notes a brief description of what you need done (warehouse move/office move) and someone will get back to you to go over your details.

Car Carrier Group is your reliable shipping partner.

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